Portrait Tattoo

Portfolios are crucial to determine if the tattoo artist is capable of producing a tattoo you will be happy with. They should have multiple portrait examples, preferably ones that show a side by side comparison with the reference photo. Look for pictures of healed tattoos, as they will give you the best look at what to actually expect of your tattoo. Portrait tattoos can be taken directly from photos, which should be of good quality and large enough to clearly see the details. We recommend that it is a reasonable size so that we are able to get the most details possible.
It is a good idea to bring more than one image with you if possible as it really makes interpreting facial structure easier for the artist. A majority of portrait tattoos are memorials to loved ones or pets who may have passed away, in which case the process of actually getting the tattoo can be very emotional so it is crucial that you have a professional portrait tattoo artist do your work. Whether you’re looking to get a small flower or an entire body suit tattoo, choosing the right artist for a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make, because it is permanent. Our professional portrait tattoo artists believe that a tattoo is not only about the artwork but the entire experience of getting a tattoo. If you are looking for a memory that will last as long as the tattoo itself, we are the studio for you. We invite you to visit our gallery to preview some of our work. Most portrait tattoos are memorials to loved ones- family members, friends, and even pets- who have passed away. In these cases, getting the tattoo is a part of the grieving process. So, you want to make sure that you can find a tattoo artist that can (1) reproduce a picture of your loved one and (2) be sensitive and respectful of what you want in your tattoo. Chosing the Picture for your Portrait Tattoo Portrait tattoos are very complex in terms of details. They involve a high level of shading and blending. So, make sure that you have a good, clear picture of the loved one that you want a portrait tattoo of. The better the picture, the better your end result of you tattoo. The best picture that you can find not only means clear and crisp but of an appropriate size. You will want to find the best picture you can that's at least 3" x 3" but no smaller. Remember that the bigger you want your tattoo, the bigger the picture should be. This will make tracing the picture easier, so the artist does not have to stretch the picture before tracing, which can distort it.
Choosing a Tattoo Artist for a Portrait Tattoo Portrait tattoos require a great deal of skill that not every tattoo artist has or is capable of possessing. Look around before you make the final decision of which tattoo artist will tattoo the portrait of your loved one. Take a look at your friend's tattoos. Their friends. Maybe they have a portrait-type tattoo. Or, maybe they can refer you to someone- an artist or tattoo shop. Try not to base your decision on a tattoo artist that you've seen work online. Ask to see their work in person, beforehand. Most tattoo artists will have a portfolio of their work. And, if the tattoo artist is truly of his art and skill, you will see the original picture aside the tattoo. This, will give you even more insight as to what he can do. Sometimes, tattoo artists, themselves, will recommend you to someone who specializes in a certain type of tattoo. Although, this is not usually the case, it doesn't hurt to ask whether your normal tattoo artists is familiar with a godo portrait tattooist in the area. Where to Put a Portrait Tattoo When choosing a size for your portrait tattoo, you will want to remember that the smaller the tattoo, the less detail you will see. The less detail in your finished tattoo may lead to a lesser quality portrait design. So, you will want to size your tattoo at least 4" x 6." The most common placements for portrait tattoos include: Upper arm Calf Back Shoulder How Much Do Portrait Tattoos Cost? This really depends. If Darl loves the portrait or the subject that you have chosen, the cost will come down. If you let him choose the photo of your desired subject, the price will come down. Portrait tattoos do take a lot of time, but since Darl prefers portrait tattoos, he tries his hardest to keep them affordable for people who appreciate photo-realism the way he does. If we have a large cancellation, you can sometimes get really great deals on portraits. So, be sure to follow us on Facebook in order to be made aware of last minute openings. Generally speaking, normally priced portrait tattoos from The Shop will range between $300-$400 all the way up to $900-$1,000 depending on the size and subject. If you message the shop or text Darl [(810)569-5964], we can get you a firm quote before you even book your appointment, so that there are no surprises.
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